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Slack Services Partner 

We’re building organizations of the future, using Slack as the foundation to change the way businesses operate.

Slack Services Partner

As a Slack services partner, we share an ambition to improve the way people work. We help our customers build organizations of the future with solutions tailored to the needs of their workforce and business objectives.

By connecting applications and conducting the flow of data between systems and people, we transform static information into proactive decision points and interactive workflows. With Slack as a foundation, we create a universal intelligent tool that provides clarity and focus across businesses, minimizing the effort required for teams or individuals to determine and take the next best action. 


Reimagine the way your people and systems connect with Trineo and Slack. 

Key Use Cases

Predictive, interactive workflows 

Intelligent, connected tools send employees notifications that enable them to take the next best action.  

Close deals faster while engaging with customers at the right moment 

Improve response times and service recovery with batch customer incident resolutions

Build workflow approvals from IT and HR to Marketing and Sales requests

Universal productivity platform

Eliminate friction from multiple systems with a seamless interface, encouraging responsiveness and turning context switching into a thing of the past.  

Manage customer invoicing with triggered alerts and the next action taken in-platform

Reduce cost of sales, creating records and status changes with simple Salesforce commands 

Minimize downtimes with system alerts and instant rectification

Modern integration and automation

Streamline interactions with workflows built on a foundation of connected data and systems. Reduce manual tasks and remove roadblocks with automated workflows that keep teams moving, no matter where and when you log in.  

Integrate security tools, with individualized threat detection and rapid fix protocols 

Onboard employees and customers with staged modules and educational prompts

Automate manual processes and access siloed information with simple commands 

Customized business applications 

We transform your business with bespoke solutions designed with an understanding of your people, driven by business outcomes, and built for the future of work. 

Optimized organizations promote higher productivity and satisfaction by allowing people to focus on what matters most.

Get in touch and learn how Trineo can help optimize your organization for the future of work.  

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